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Who We Are


Who We Are

Strength - Conditioning - Community

We at CrossFit Hog Town believe in fostering a sense of pride, ownership, and empowerment  among our community of athletes.  Our coaches and members motivate each other to success.  CrossFitters will tell you that community is such an important part of the experience. It isn'’t about who finished first, who lifted the most, or who had the best overall technique. All of those things are celebrated, but also celebrated, often with more veracity, is the accomplishment of the person that struggled but finished, the athlete that could not do one pull up, but can now do 10, of the athlete that just would not quit until the work was done. That in essence, is CrossFit community. But it doesn'’t stop there. CrossFit gyms are extremely giving, supporting members in times of need and giving back to the community to charity events and drives.

At CrossFit Hog Town you will get the highest quality of service at all times.  We believe being fit is preparing your mind and body for your daily life.  It doesn't matter if you are preparing for competition, a working professional, playing with your children, or just wanting to look and feel great.

Every athlete is different and choses a life of fitness for various reasons. We choose CrossFit and find that we are successful beyond measure through this sport.

We commit to meet you where you are and to help you to achieve your personal goals. We commit to know you personally, support you in the gym and beyond. We commit to being a community, not just a gym. Don’t expect to come here and remain anonymous, that’s not likely to happen. We are a family.



We've moved 1 mile from our previous location on to Main Street in the heart of Lexington, NC.  Along with a large increase in space, we've also upgraded our equipment and amenities.  Below is a list of exciting new things to take advantage of at CFHT!

  • Showers:  2 men's and 2 women's.
  • Open Gym Area Strength Equipment:
    - Available access during any normal operation hours
    - Full set of dumbbells up to 125 lbs
    - Iso Lateral Leg Press and Bear Squat Machines
    - Leg Extension and Leg Curl Cable Machines
    - Full Cable CrossOver
    - Lat Pull Down and Seated Low Row Cable Machine
    - 2 Heavy Duty Power Racks with safety straps and band attachments
    - 2 wood lifting platforms, Deadlift band attachments
    - Ohio Power Bars, Safety Squat Bar, Football Bar
    -  Chains and Bands for accomodating resistance

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

At CFHT you will find the most unique gym experience Lexington has to offer coupled with a community of individuals who love to challenge themselves.  We are a strong community, providing a motivating and accountable environment.  Our fitness classes meet the needs of most anyone looking for something different and challenging.  We are one of the few CrossFit facilities in the Triad that offer an Open Gym area, fully equipped for CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding.



- Professional Coaching / Experience at your service every step of the way


- Programmed Workouts every time you come to the gym

- Daily emphasis on proper form and safety
- Coached Small Group or 1-on-1 Training

- Free to choose month to month membership

- Specialized equipment for powerlifting, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.  Plus we allow chalk, bar slamming, loud music, and overall killing of PR's

- A single training regime designed to improve overall fitness
- Fellow athletes providing motivation and accountability

- Athletic Performance Training for youth and adult athletes

- A new outlook on fitness, a sense of empowerment and actual results from your efforts



Traditional "gyms/Fitness Centers"

- No Coaching, you are on your own


- No programmed workout
- No Guidance
- Various classes with very little to no coaching

 - Long contracts, facility fees 

- May need to take many different classes offered at different times to improve your overall physical fitness

- No accountability

- No Athletic Performance Training

-The same results as yesterday

- Not allowed to get noisy, use chalk, or slam bars and kill PR's

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Our Team

Our Team


Jake Wagner

  • Co-Owner / Head Coach
  • CF-L1
  • NC Licensed Athletic Trainer and Certified Athletic Trainer
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • B.S. Athletic Training

Jake has been involved in the fitness industry since 2009.  Along with internships in college sports, he has also done personal training, small and large bootcamps for adults, and been a strength coach and athletic trainer for a local high school.  He has played various sports such as soccer, football, tennis, basketball, wrestling, and volleyball at the varsity and intramural levels.  He even worked and trained as a Nascar Jackman pit crewman for 3 years. Notably, he is highly trained in therapeutic exercise, injury prevention, sports performance training, and sports nutrition.  However, he also enjoys helping people with losing weight and dieting.  He accepts any challenge in fitness, but mainly enjoys lifting heavy.  It is his true passion to help others become healthier, stronger, and perform better in their every day life.  While searching for something more appealing for his workouts than the typical bodybuilder split, CrossFit hit his radar in 2010. 

"CrossFit has helped me become a better coach, athlete, and person.  It is challenging and addicting.  I feel a sense of accomplishment after a workout, and I can see the benefits in my every day life.  Most of all for me It is about spreading  the wealth of knowledge in the strength and conditioning community to everyone.  I want to offer a place where a community of healthy minded people can reap the benefits of their efforts. That community should coach you, guide you, motivate you, build you, and hold you accountable.  I find that in CrossFit.  Its my goal to help others find that." 
Jake Wagner


Chris Fulton

  • Co-Owner
  • Coach
  • CF-L1

Chris Fulton began his journey down the CrossFit road five years ago when he became tired of his sedentary lifestyle.  Apathetic at the thought of walking into a traditional gym and beginning a humdrum routine of the “normal” workout, he sought something different.  A close friend suggested he check out CrossFit’s website mentioning he and some friends had been following their style of training for some time.  It wasn’t long before Chris became sold on the concept. Without a CrossFit training facility nearby, he began to research and teach himself the movements and techniques that changed his perspective of fitness.  Fast-forward three years and Chris started to develop his own programming style with a strong focus on gymnastic movements coupled with metabolic conditioning and supplemented by endurance training.  About this time, he also began to coordinate impromptu small group workouts at the local gym.  This planted the seed.  As his training progressed he found it gravitating towards the art of Olympic lifting and strength conditioning, elevating him to competition level training. Quite often he was approached by others interested in his style of training and searching for “something different”.  This began to nurture the seed that had been planted earlier, and has led him to the point of bringing the first CrossFit training facility to Lexington.

"Whether rock climbing, biking, working, or playing with my son, I have found my quality of life to be better since I have began my CrossFit journey.  My goal is to take what I have learned over the years and apply it as a coach so that others may find an overall sense of health and wellness in their every day lives."
Chris Fulton

Rebecca Smith

  • Coach
  • CF-L1
  • M.A. Leadership and Administration
  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
  • USAW Referee Certified
  • Zumba Certified

Rebecca Smith grew up playing sports like soccer, running cross country, and competing on a swim team.  She has worked for 12 years in the Health and Wellness industry.  In 2009 she was introduced to CrossFit by a coworker.  By 2010 she was enjoying the sport of CrossFit and competing in local competitions.  In 2011 Rebecca began to compete in Olympic Lifting meets and placed each time in her weight class.  Also in 2011 she attended a Paleo workshop with Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and has since used that information to help improve the athletes she coaches.  She has been asked to speak about nutrition to Lexington City employees twice, Davidson County Community College nursing students every year, and at other CrossFit affiliates.

"After five years of working in the Health and Wellness industry I was introduced to CrossFit by one of the most wonderful supervisors a girl could ask for, Janelle Bowman.  This introduction to the CrossFit lifestyle changed the next seven years of my life and health tremendously.  The skills, education, and encouragement I gleaned from my coaches and community helped me as a person and a coach.  With what I have learned, I have been better able to help others reach their goals, and become better, healthier versions of themselves."
Rebecca Smith

Jenny Philo

  • Coach
  • CF-L1 

As long as she can remember Jenny has been an athlete.  Soccer and volleyball were her sports of choice through high school and college intramurals.  Coaching became a passion as she began to take on the role through her kid’s sports teams.  She began coaching middle school soccer and volleyball at a local k-12 school.

After years of riding the traditional exercise rollercoaster; trying to keep up with her girls soccer team reinforced her decision to get and STAY fit once and for all.  At 40 years old she discovered CrossFit through a friend and has never looked back.  3 months after starting she competed in the largest CrossFit on the east coast.  6 months later she decided to get her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate.  CrossFit had become not only a passion but a way of life.  Jenny enjoys being a person trainer and CrossFit trainer and generally spreading her love and passion for CrossFit and its benefits.

"After CrossFit has motivated me far beyond being "skinny:, and a number on a scale.  What an amazing feeling to be strong, fit, and capable.  To ignite this passion in others is pure joy and success to me."
Jenny Philo

James Belk

  • Coach
  • CF-L1
  • CF-Gymnastics
  • CF-Mobility

James is a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer. He got his undergrad in History from Western Carolina and spent the next three years as a librarian in Lexington. He swam in college and started lifting his junior year. After spinning his wheels he started CrossFit during the 2016 Open at CFHT and has been hooked ever sense. James also has certifications in CrossFit Gymnastics and Mobility.

Over the past two years James has evolved from a grassroots member, to a trusted Level 1 Coach.  He sought out to get experience at Railway CrossFit, where he coached his first classes and programmed various workouts.

James is looking forward to being a team member in the HogTown community, and truly hopes to help everyone feel better, move better, and be more fit!

Andy Baer

  • Coach
  • CF-L1

ndy has been playing sports for as long as he can remember. He played soccer, baseball, and basketball through school growing up and transitioned into motocross in his teenage years. After moving down to North Carolina, he was in search of something active to do and discovered Crossfit through a friend back in 2014. His passion for bettering himself and helping others grew even stronger through the community. In 2017 he pursued the CrossFit L1 certification for the knowledge of helping his self and friends at home during training.

" I enjoy coaching and helping other so much, I look forward to coaching at CrossFit Hog Town and growing alongside you all!"

Jeff kropelnicki

  • Coach
  • CF-L1

Jeff is a CrossFit level 1 certified trainer. He is also a law enforcement instructor with certifications in physical fitness, subject control and arrest techniques along with basic and advanced ground defense. He initially viewed CrossFit as a way to better prepare individuals for a career in law enforcement and has since let CrossFit become a part of his daily routine. Jeff has created many strength and conditioning programs for numerous junior Olympic volleyball and youth soccer players. He currently holds certifications in both CPR & AED.