Athletic Performance Training

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Training for the young athlete or the Elite level competitor.

Today in sports there are only two options;  train to stay ahead of the competition or continue to fall behind.  If you desire to stay ahead and get an edge over your opponent then advancing your athleticism is a must.  We target athletic characteristics that you specifically need to excel in your sport.

As an athlete you train for your sport. You have a coach that teaches you the right way to do things and you must practice.  Training in the gym should be the same way.  You will be provided direct attention and instruction from credentialed coaches during your workouts.  Our coaches make sure you are performing the right exercises, performing them correctly, and setting you up for success in your sport. 

Not only is this a good opportunity for athletes to improve their abilities, it is also great for getting youth involved with something healthy and fun.  If your child doesn't actually play sports, they may benefit in many other ways in life from becoming stronger.  We believe:

The greatest thing athletes can take away from their experience training with us is becoming a more confident person.

Come to our facility. Meet our staff. Know the difference.

Performance goals, programming, and price will be based on each athletes specific category.  Read below to find out where you will fit in. Each person's abilities and goals may begin, progress, or change at different rates and their training will evolve accordingly. An evaluation is necessary before beginning a program and can be completed with an application and a free trial session. 
**Athletes may encounter training with or around other athletes at similar times.  Groups consist of 15 or less athletes.  If you prefer to receive 1-on-1  training please refer to our Personal Training packages.


Junior Fundamentals (5th-7th grade)

This is a key development stage for training basic body movements, coordination, and body weight strength. Most athletes at this age may safely be introduced to weight training methods.  Most of which have never been coached in proper weight training, and their abilities will be evaluated before beginning.   More advanced athletes in this range can choose to specify their performance goals toward their sport of choice.  This is a great time to prepare them and give them an advantage for High School.  Flexibility, Push ups, pull ups, body weight exercises, medicine ball drills, cone drills, sprint/running drills, agility, balance and plyometrics such as jumping are the base of their entire program.  Juniors that attend the fundamentals class for 20 visits may be considered for the junior advanced classes. 

Training Rates:

- Month to Month
2 Sessions Per Week $100/Month

Junior Advanced (8th Grade & Up)

Athletes will be evaluated to find out their strengths, weaknesses, and desired goals.  All advanced weight training, speed/agility training, plyometrics, conditioning, and mobility/flexibility methods will be taught and used. Each of these variables may be different according to the specificity of their sport or sports, and their set goals.  Athletes at this stage may still be experiencing weight training for the first time and they will be progressed accordingly. During this period of development athletes are very susceptible to changes in muscle size and strength.

This is a class setting and all participants will be under the supervision of a coach.  This is a great class for athletes who are still developing or are just getting started with strength and conditioning, and need more oversight during their training.  See our ALPHA program for your athlete who may be in this age range but may advanced enough to follow a more advanced program with minimal oversight.

Training Rates:

- Month to Month
2 Sessions Per Week $100/Month
3 Sessions Per Week $125/Month

ALPHA (advanced)

 For the serious competitor. Full Offseason Program or In season Maintenance.
This package includes:

- Full athletic profile testing: vertical, 10 yard dash, pro agility shuttle, broad jump, ball toss, Sled shuttle
- Initial instruction of each 4 week program
- Train on your own schedule
- All Access to facility during open gym times
- 2-5 day / 4 week tailored programs available for serious mass gains, conditioning, or even in season body maintenance to help recovery and maintain strength.
- Unlimited Option: This athlete may choose to have the tailored program and also take any fitness classes offered at the gym.  Perfect for someone who may want a 2-3 day tailored strength and power program, and still go to classes to get their conditioning.

**This is for advanced athletes who can train hard without someone leading them for 1 hour. Must have previous experience and be mature enough to respect the gym rules and others working out around them. 

Training Rates:

  • Mandatory Athlete Profile Test and Program Explanation: $65. Must be done before beginning an ALPHA month to month or 3 month commitment.

- Month to Month
Unlimited (Includes tailored program and taking any fitness classes) $150/Month
Program Only $100/Month

- 3 Month Contract Commitment (Must have Debit/Credit Card)
Unlimited $130/Month
Program Only $85/Month